Michigan Driver Intervention Program


“Ambition without knowledge is like a boat on dry land”

D.I.P. is a four (4) day 72 hour program that provides the judicial system with an alternative sentencing format for defendants faced with OWI, OWVI, and DWPD offenses.


Our passion is helping individuals with alcohol/drug problems.
Our years of experience have shown that knowledge holds the key in determining the course of our lives and knowledge is the power needed to change life’s direction.
Before embarking on a journey, we must know where we are at and the direction we are currently headed.
Only then are we able to set a proper course to continue the journey.


Our Driver Intervention Program  staff are committed to bringing all of our experience, passion and honesty to the clients we serve.

Doing so allows them the opportunity to seriously consider where they are,
the direction they are headed,
and what changes they can make to be on course to a happier, more fulfilling life.