Welcome to Driver Intervention Program

Driver Intervention Program (D.I.P.) has been licensed by the State of Michigan since 1991. D.I.P. is a four (4) day residential program that provides the judicial system with an alternative sentencing format for defendants faced with OWI, OWVI, and DWPD offenses.

Judges and attorneys from Oakland, Wayne, Macomb, Washtenaw and Livingston counties have been referring their defendants and clients to D.I.P. for almost a quarter of a century.

Driver Intervention Program provides OWVI and OWI defendants the opportunity to obtain education on the laws, and the need to make sober decisions to not drink and drive. When alcohol/other drug problems are indicated referrals are made.

D.I.P. staff are dedicated individuals who have together more than 75 years of accumulated experience in the field of alcohol and other drug addictions.

D.I.P.’s four (4) day program consists of didactic lectures consisting of alcohol/drug abuse and addiction information.

Our staff of experienced, licensed counselors provides one-on-one sessions sharing alcohol test results.

Assessments with referral recommendations are sent to all probation officers.

Guest Speakers provides a full range of topics – laws by District Court Judges, participating attorneys, probation officers, and police officers.

Victim Impact Presentations.

Victims of drunk drivers who have lost limbs and have sustained other serious injuries and family members who have lost loved ones.

Recovery and recovered persons who have arrested their addiction through professional assistance initially and support programs – AA, NA, CA for continuing and ongoing support maintenance.

Referrals to other professional services specializing in areas of co-dependency, abuse, and family issues are provided to all participants.


Serving To Empower Sober Lifestyles Through Quality Education