Frequently Asked Questions:

Q Can I drive to the program?
A No, you must be dropped off and picked up.

Q Can I bring a cell phone or laptop?
A No, all communication devices must be left at home.

Q Can I order food in to the hotel?
A No, you are not allowed to have deliveries to the hotel.

Q Can I have visitors?
A No, visitors are not allowed at the hotel during the program.

Q Can I leave the hotel to go to the store?
A No, you must remain on the hotel premises at all times.

Q Can I smoke?
A Yes, during designated downtime and breaks. Outside only, no smoking in the hotel at all.

Q Can I bring food and/or beverages?
A Yes, you have a small refrigerator and microwave in your room and can bring food and/or beverages.

Q Are all meals provided?
A All meals are provided with the exception of the Thursday night dinner. You can eat before you come,
bring something with you or purchase dinner from the hotel.

Q What information should I bring to the program?
A You need to know you’re Court, the name of your Judge and Probation officer, you’re BAC at time of
offense, and you’re last drink or use date.

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